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Max Graze


Max Graze

I'm currently a Senior Data Visualization Engineer at King and formerly a researcher. I've found my interdisciplinary background has provided me with a solid foundation as a data designer: I've got the research, creativity, and problem-solving skills from a human-centric lens. You can also find me fermenting, playing violin, taking up a new hobby, studying Japanese, doing sashiko, swing dancing, or making data representations out of any of these hobbies.



I love sharing what I learn with others in the form of workshops and teaching. There are two types of workshops I give:
  • Dataviz toolbox: These range from Hacking D3.js, a 3-part beginner workshop I have given to students in the dataviz graduate program at MICA to low-coding with dataviz tools, a workshop prepared for Information is Beautiful Awards 2022

  • Sensory Sketching: A fun, hands-on workshop to stretch the creative muscles, I’ve facilitated this workshop co-designed with Jordan Wirfs-Brock in a ½ day workshop at CHI 2022 and a condensed 45 minute version for DSxD

If you’re interested in developing a workshop with me for your event or program, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Data Visualization Style Guides

Passionate about consistency and streamlining processes, it was only natural I would be drawn to data visualization style guides. Together with Amy Cesal, Jon Schwabish and Alan Wilson, I help maintain the Data Visualization Style Guide webpage, along with leading bi-monthly meetings where we geek out on everything dataviz style guide-related. I have made style guides for Mural, Center on Rural Innovation, Aseda Sciences and myself, of course! Building a style guide requires a whole lot of UX knowledge in addition to dataviz knowledge. I'm particularly looking for more opportunities to help organizations or practictioners build their own guidlines.
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